Sustainability Statement

Sustainability Statement

Sustainability is fundamental at PAIRI DAEZA

Sustainability in our fabrics and sourcing of raw materials:

We dedicate extreme attention to the choice of our materials to increase the durability of our garments. We also promote vegan fashion and do not use any fabrics of animal origin in our designs (NO fur, feathers, wool, cashmere, leather, mohair, silk and so on). We do not support beauty that makes other species suffer. 

We strive to minimize our resource use by sourcing our materials from local fabric producers and where possible local fabric stockists, who try to upcycle unsold fabrics and production surpluses. This entails not only lower consumption of energy, water and raw materials; but also giving another life to materials that would otherwise be treated as waste.

Our favorite materials are cotton and natural fabrics, which come in so many different densities, making them suitable for all seasons. When needed, we also apply quilting and waterproofing techniques to adapt the fabric for the coldest and rainiest of seasons. 


Sustainability in our design and production:

Upcycling of dead and on-hand fabric stocks is hardly an obstacle to our creative process, but quite the contrary! Our design process starts by thinking of how to transform the waste of others into unique and exclusive pieces. The solution is what we love most about the slow fashion: craftsmanship. 

For each collection, we scout for craftsmen, specially from marginalized and third-world societies, whose art hasn’t yet found a strong voice in the industry. By adding to their modest income, we hope to give them the opportunity to reinvent their art and support them in finding a better share of the global income distribution.

We take global warming seriously and are in the battle against it. We believe that only united we will be able to bring real improvement. Obviously, this is only possible if all of us have access to a necessary level of income and education. Although the initiative of PAIRI DAEZA is microscopic, we hope to be able to contribute to the amplification of this message.

As regards the tailoring of our garments, we perform all in Italy. This is because we strongly believe in ‘Made in Italy’ and we aim at producing well-made products that are designed to last. The same mentality is found in our designs. We do not follow trends that will go out of fashion the next season. Instead, we get inspired by arts, architecture, symbolism and cultural phenomena that have maintained their allure for ages and create versatile styles that can be reworn for many occasions.

We also only create two collections per year, which we mainly produce to order, in order to avoid over-production and waste generation. This as well guarantees the exclusivity of our designs. 


Sustainability in our packaging and distribution:

To optimize logistics, we have maintained proximity to our production and manage our shipments locally from the same region where our garments are produced. 

With regards to our packaging, we have adopted a minimal approach, making use of compostable materials.

Additionally, to reduce the use of paper, on the etiquette attached to our garment we only provide a QR code, through which the client can access our online information that explains the beautiful journey our product has made to be completed.