SS 23


Sun rise!

For the Spring-Summer 2023 season, the PAIRI DAEZA design ethos is channeled into timeless mix-and-match essentials. Grounded by eco-responsible pragmatism, poetry and mysticism infuses a range of garments that, through clever systems of knots or buttons, embrace different morphologies and genders

Tops are worn either buttoned at the waist to highlight the bust or unbuttoned for ease of movement. Pants are cut with drawstring details to create new volumes. Effortless jumpsuits in natural linen or in a shimmering, textural fabric tinged with green, skew casual or dressy. Small slits on shirts, skirts or cropped pants and deep pleats on long pants and skirts reveal hints of bare skin or layers of soft printed fabric. 

Richly colored symbolic motifs recall everything from the carved wood latticework of orosi adorning the architecture of ancient Persian palaces to iconic pomegranates and floral designs. Graphic detachable buckles and handles in intricate wood marquetry are used to hold the soft structure of draped dresses and tote bags. 

An emblematic boteh print, with its paisley motifs based on the shape of the evergreen cypress trees, represents a symbol of life and eternity, while zodiacal signs inspired by 13th-century Persian manuscript are made with the ancient Ghalamkar technique, using carved wooden blocks to imprint each of the pattern’s layers of color by hand. 

Defining the contours of a new ethical fashion brand without borders, the Spring-Summer 2023 wardrobe, with its quiet power, sends a message of hope and passion for a new generation of dreamers who dare to speak out against oppression.