SS 24


Tears of the Sun!

The colors of SS24 remind the heat of the sun and the cool of the water, and the materials used are all cruelty-free (vegan) and natural: wood, linen and different cotton textures (denim, jersey, poplin, etc.) that have been sourced through collaboration with Italian fabric stockists, who upcycle high quality deadstock and production surpluses.

The collection is composed of contemporary, urban and genderfluid pieces with a mystical feel, as each piece carries stories of resistance, hope and fight for freedom; stories of craftswomen and men from different parts of Iran.

All embroideries are fully handmade by needle and threads in the hands of Balochi craftswomen, who come from an ethnic group that is deprived from potable water, electricity, internet, education, and even Identity card under the current regime in Iran.

Balochi embroidery is a heritage art recognized by UNESCO, and it dates back to more than 2500 years ago with its traditional motifs such as arrows, chicken feet, diamonds and flowers.

Bags are crocheted by Afghan women and their wooden handles and bangles are carpentered and adorned by Iranian craftsmen through intricate Persian marquetry—‘khatamkari’.

Floral motifs are handprinted through the ancient ‘Ghalamkar’ technique in Isfahan, Iran’s city of arts and crafts; and ancient Persian manuscripts and mythical characters decorate iconic pieces of the collection.

The carpet patterns are taken from the unique collection of Heidarian family, who has manufactured hand-knotted carpets for more than a century in Iran and their story began in the hands of Maryam, a young girl from the city of Shahrekord, who wove exceptional carpets.

The monobrow women that appear on several pieces of the collection are the paintings of Guzel Zakir, a brilliant Kazakh artist with an aesthetic taste very close to that of PAIRI DAEZA sisters.