FW 23/24


Your Existence Is Power!

For FW23/24, craftsmanship from different parts of Iran is channeled into timeless and genderfluid essentials:

Mirror embroidery has been applied on tops, denim jacket and pants; carried out by Balochi craftswomen, who are members of an ethnic group that has created some of the most beautiful Iranian arts & crafts. Under the current regime in Iran, Balochi people are denied the right to obtain an ID card and the right to education; or basically the right to citizenship and a humane life.  

Wooden bags have been carpentered and adorned by Iranian marquetry—‘khatamkari’; sweatshirts and pants hand-printed through the ancient ‘Ghalamkar’ technique. These are two crafts that are common in the city of Isfahan, the Iranian city with the highest concentration of artists and craftsmen, whose arts haven’t received any proper attention or investment for half a century. 

‘Termeh’—Iranian jacquard, a craft from the city of Yazd, has been used radically to create a bomber jacket and a trench coat; infusing a traditional craft from an ancient city into modern pragmatic styles. 

Iranian carpet prints decorate pleated shirts. The beauty of Iranian carpets has embellished almost every house, but how many people are aware that a large part of these carpets are woven by the Kurdish tribe, who are severely marginalized by the Islamic regime and banned from teaching their language and traditions in their schools?