FW 22/23

FW 22/23 Collection

Disruptive ethnicity!

PAIRI DAEZA’S FW 22/23 collection is rich in craftsmanship, emphasizing the importance and beauty of human touch. The use of various colors, floral and mystic patterns shall induce optimism and spirituality.

Audacious shapes and big padded shoulders match the daring and unconventional brand personality. Most styles are transformable, versatile and suitable for diverse occasions and different moods. Wearability is paramount for PAIRI DAEZA and this is where Italian know-how comes in: All pieces are made in Italy and their perfect fit makes them so easy to mix & match with a pair of jeans or a simple t-shirt.

The main textiles used in the collection are high-quality made-in-Italy fabrics composed of cotton. There are no materials of animal origin to be coherent with the brand’s values and remain within the boundaries of vegan fashion.

Overall, the collection can be divided into two main concepts: Ghalamkar and Zodiac.