About the brand

Evoking the origins of paradise

PAIRI DAEZA is a ready-to-wear luxury brand based in Milan (Italy). Leveraging rich cultural and artistic heritage of Persia (ancient Iran) in a radical manner, the brand strives to create bold and unique styles that can fit into numerous occasions.

The name ‘PAIRI DAEZA’ means ‘walled garden’ in ancient Persian. Persian gardens are world-famous for their exceptional aesthetics, architecture and sustainability. Because of their uniqueness the term ‘PAIRI DAEZA’ became a loanword and shaped the concept of godly paradise in many languages such as all European languages, Semitic, Hebrew and Arabic.

The brand PAIRI DAEZA values creativity, unconventionality, ancient wisdom, arts & craftsmanship, diversity, inclusiveness and sustainability. For every collection a thorough research is made on surviving arts and crafts that can be channeled into new disruptive creations. Sustainability is at its very core and flows into all the brand’s operations from sourcing of raw materials to design and production up until packaging and distribution (read more in our Sustainability statement).

Behind the brand stand two Iranian sisters—Yasaman and Nastaran Rezaee, who have been living in Italy for over a decade. Yasaman is the brand’s creative soul, whose international background in architecture, arts and fashion has endowed her with a broad perspective into aesthetics.

With a background in management, engineering and fashion, Nastaran is the brand’s business mind, who strives to tell the story. Complementing each other is what makes the sister-duo strong and creates an alluring mix of mystical down-to-earthness.


Creating unique, hybrid and unconventional styles where orient meets occident and where mysticism is fused into practicality.


With a radical approach to traditional craftsmanship PAIRI DAEZA strives to create garments that would be worn by people of an earthly paradise, where there are no discriminations and everybody is included, where there is an insatiable thirst for exploration, where ancient arts & crafts are revived and sustainability is at the core.