About the brand

Evoking the origins of paradise

The label’s moniker, PAIRI DAEZA, means ‘walled garden’ in ancient Persian. Persian gardens are so exceptional that the term ‘Pairi Daeza’ became a loanword and shaped the concept of godly paradise in many languages, including the European ones.

Centered on versatile, avant-garde pieces imbued with symbolism, the brand’s wardrobe fuses European fabrics, modern cuts and ancestral Persian artisanal techniques, lovingly crafted on the wings of diversity, self-expression, freedom, inclusivity and sustainability.

Slow processes are at the core of the PAIRI DAEZA universe, developing collections with a mindful approach to the people who make them, as much as to the wearers of the clothes and Mother Earth herself.

Made in Italy, where the sisters are now based, but fueled by dreams of ancient Persia, the label’s collections are produced in collaboration with small, marginalized communities of artisans living in Iran. The aim is to generate revenue streams for these craftsmen while rejuvenating traditional Iranian crafts.

Behind the brand stand two Iranian sisters—Yasaman and Nastaran Rezaee. Yasaman is the brand’s creative soul, whose international background in architecture, arts and fashion has endowed her with a broad perspective into aesthetics.

With a background in management, engineering and fashion, Nastaran is the brand’s business mind, who strives to tell the story. Complementing each other is what makes the sister-duo strong and creates an alluring mix of mystical down-to-earthness.


Reclaiming a suppressed identity and an endangered heritage through Iranian art and craftsmanship.


Creating unique, hybrid and unconventional styles where orient meets occident and where mysticism is fused into practicality.